The flight hunt

A while ago, I came up with a list of my personal go-to websites when hunting for most favorable flight connections. This can be read at SANDEMANs NEW Europe blog. Through hours of my own travel planning, I’ve improved the strategy since and thus want to share this upgraded version with you.

  1. Airixo

This site should be your first port, especially when you don’t mind the destination. Its simplicity is truly seductive. Since has modified its engine and it can’t take you wherever anymore, it’s the site I use for an unspecific flight search and booking. Its straight forward graphics enable you to find the most economical connections at a glance. The drawback: clumsy while looking for long-term (over 30 days) round flights. The only way is to check single flights independently.

  1. Google Flights

It’s a powerful search engine, but keep in mind that you can’t book through the site. A great tool for finding multi-city connections with a self-explanatory discover destinations section, which gives a good overview of prices and locations’ characteristics. Once you’ve decided for a trip, it gives you further assistance by suggesting better offers within a similar time-frame or reassuring if you’ve already scored a top deal associated to your search. Best to combine with Momondo and/or Skyscanner, where you can be redirected for booking.

  1. Momondo

One of my absolute favorites. It brings together main sky-scanner features along with a creative trip-finder (scroll down or see the upper bar). What’s innovatory here is that you can estimate your travel budget. Same as in case of sky-scanner, it gives you a monthly price overview: here once you’ve already chosen specific dates, it displays estimated prices over the month as an interactive comparison stat.

  1. Holiday pirates

An international site with local variants tailored for UK, Spain and Germany among other countries. It’s not a search engine, but a community of pirate-deal lovers. The devoted authors are cheap travel geeks and share their top finds through the web. These often include one-off promotions, limited editions, bargain connection flights or even… error fares. Similar strategy is shared by another international web – Fly4free.

While traveling by plane isn’t slow at all, a well-matched connection may allow you to linger once at the spot. With these smart tools, affordable flights are just at your fingertips!


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  1. Jan says:

    Hey, i have developed my own low-cost search as a hobby. Check it out at ! All comments are welcome!


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